Long Time No See??

2016-05-14 22:46:07 by zimie

I.........totally forgot I had an account here.....Ok I lied, I remembered, but I've been busy doing other things that I forgot to check here. I've been mostly on Tumblr and Twitter doing art-related stuff.

Honestly almost everything here is an eye-sore for me. Just because its old stuff I did back in high school. 

On that related note, I have really been animating. Mainly because trying to find a decent animation program has been a hassle for someone like me (aka I'm poor as hell. Also my laptop is about to be 10 years old, so.....it can't really handle certain programs). But I do plan on doing some small practice animations in the future. Because its still something I want to learn.

Besides that, I'm learning how to be a storyboard artist, as well as coming up with a story idea with a few characters I've made. Hopefully that gets rolling soon.


2010-09-16 04:01:56 by zimie

ok update I guess.

the flash I was working on, cant be done. I'm not saying it's impossible, but I only had a trial version. But theres a chance that I'll be able to get it on my new computer (I was using my dad's.) So I'm thinking about it. I would love to do more animations, but I dont want to do the old fashion of drawing the frame in paint (or now with photoshop) and edit them on Movie maker (I currently have 2 cartoons that arent here but on my Youtube Channel)

so I'll firgure something out ><a LSO I'm nolonger in school (graduated) and I'm currently working partime (need fulltime job) so I have time to work on animations now.. in a way XD
<<inserting a pic on what I've been doing >>


New flash

2010-04-04 14:15:41 by zimie

Ok, it's been a while.

OK I'm working on a new flash called:


it's cross between Bully and The melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. I 've been wanting to do hare hare yukai for a LOOOONG time, and I finally got another flash trail so I'm putting effort into it. For one damn thing for sure, I hope that the music is synch up with tthe animation and if there any text, that it works.

the picture below isnt how it's going to look (but style is fairly close)

BTW ... Happy Easter :3

New flash

my first NG blog

2009-09-25 20:56:51 by zimie

I forgot you could do these on here.

Anyway, I have on flash I really want ot put up, but it out of sync, and there is no preloader

nobody likes that D:

Different news:


my first NG blog