Entry #4

Long Time No See??

2016-05-14 22:46:07 by zimie

I.........totally forgot I had an account here.....Ok I lied, I remembered, but I've been busy doing other things that I forgot to check here. I've been mostly on Tumblr and Twitter doing art-related stuff.

Honestly almost everything here is an eye-sore for me. Just because its old stuff I did back in high school. 

On that related note, I have really been animating. Mainly because trying to find a decent animation program has been a hassle for someone like me (aka I'm poor as hell. Also my laptop is about to be 10 years old, so.....it can't really handle certain programs). But I do plan on doing some small practice animations in the future. Because its still something I want to learn.

Besides that, I'm learning how to be a storyboard artist, as well as coming up with a story idea with a few characters I've made. Hopefully that gets rolling soon.


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